Any more Adidas retros to come?

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Hi everybody!

This is one of my first posts here. I've been browsing the forum looking for sneaker information since 2-3 years ago. You're doing a great job and I must admit it helped me a lot in gaining sneaker-related info that resulted in inspired sneaker purchases and proper care of them. Thanks for sharing your time and experience.

Back to this post's topic. Being from Europe(Romania) I had contact mostly with Adidas and Reebok in the 90's(while I completed high-school and college). I think they both have great models from the 90's. Ok, for Reebok there are other threads about them(I'd love to see few models from them retroed). I would like to stop over Adidas.
There are some models back from the 90's I'm dreaming of seeing retroed. Back in the 90's ('94-'95)  some small shops were opened here with brand-name shoes(Nike, Adidas, Reebok). But the prices were quite prohibitive compared to the wages for middle-class people. As a result few people afforded to own and fewer to ball in such shoes. I remember I had some friends I was balling with, that were wearing those shoes(mostly Adidas). It was awesome looking at those shoes in action. Some of the models I'm talking about were(link is only informative as I couldn't find other pic of it):

ADIDAS EQUIPMENT ADVENTURE CLAW HIKING / TREKKING: - have some but unwearable as the upper is synthetic and starts to peel off. Otherwise the sole is fine. Amazing comfort and look.

ADIDAS TRAINER from '94 -' 95 I think. - no pic found of them, spotted them on ebay 1-2 times. They were black/green/while CW, looked like the Adidas TS Commanders, had massive sole, around the forefoot there was a white U-shaped strip of leather stitched in zig-zag(like the Adidas TS Commanders). The heel was black leather with green Adidas and the EQT triangle.
Amazing shoes.

may use Google translate to translate from Japanese to your language:

ADIDAS BADLANDER: - I have these one used pair and one deadstock - they turned lots of heads, got many compliments on them

OTHER ADIDAS EQT line: - I had this model of Arooga - bought in 1998 -amazing comfort materials(leather among) quality - I think one of the most durable sneakers I've had - I worn them 6-7 years and still have them.I'm thinking of restoring them( I regret wearing them in the gym for squatting and dead-lifting)

Last but not least the Adidas EQT Elevation - I'd cop 4-5 pairs if retroed( white CW and black CW). They are smokin' . I conider them one of the most beautiful BB sneakers.

Now I'm wondering why doesn't Adidas retro these models? At least some limited release.
Is any one else feeling these shoes above?

 I think the designs material and comfort are still unreal, some of their actual models are garbage compared to these.
About the Kobe line, I saw they retroed the Crazy 8, Crazy 1, KB III (Crazy Quiks), Top ten 2000. The only models left would be: EQT Elevation, EQT 2010, KB II and Kobe 2(not feeling them too much). I thought they are retroing them based on the realease years but the previous 3 were skipped. Why is this?
I think there are lots of potential customers looking for them.
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They need to retro the T-Mac 2s ASAP!!!!!

One of the best kicks i have ever balled in. They were the kicks that turned me into a sneakerhead
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