Any nice parks to visit around san jose, los gatos area?

Joined Jan 8, 2003
I'm looking for a nice park to take a friend to so we can have a nice time talking and enjoy the scenery

I was first thinking about Japanese friendship garden but it seems its not een worth it anymore since there aren't any koi fish

so basically im looking for a nice scenery so we can walk and enjoy the scenery, and having a lake or a pond so we can walk by it

suggestions? anywhere near saratoga, los gatos, mtv, san jose is fine
btw i dont want to go to rancho san antonio just yet! too many people
Joined Jan 19, 2009
I just went to the Japanese Friendship Garden expecting some fishies in their ponds and was like @@@ when i got there! nothing but ducks! and hella bugs flying in my face..sighhh havent been there in 10+ years o well.
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