Any NTers own a Vespa?

Joined Jan 28, 2013
Considering one for riding around town. 

Anyone have any experience with one? 

I heard that get 70-75 miles per gallon
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Joined Jul 18, 2012
i wouldnt rock with a vespa id grab a ruckus before a vespa

...and 250cc bikes can get that kind of mileage if you are just cruising.
Joined Jun 3, 2013
I got a Honda metro. It's cool I guess. Rarely use it thought, but I got it for a grand. It's great if you live in area where max speed is 30 mph and you got stoplights everywhere. But anything over that its just a hassle to keep up with in traffic and you fear for your life since your a blindspot to everyone. The girls love it, if you wanted to know that.
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