Any of you guys ever do the Insanity Workout?

Joined May 26, 2003
I`m about to get it, and I think this should be a good workout routine due to my work schedule. I`m sure the results will be cool, you guys have any stories from it? I couldnt find any legit reviews online because everything seemed like it was just trying to sell the product.
Joined Jun 8, 2009
Just got it from ioffer for $30 with free shipping. Starting it tomorrow as my brother starts p90x. He's trying to bulk up and I'm trying to tone down/burn fat. So far I haven't seen any bad reviews about neither. Hopefully I got my money's worth.

but I would also like to know if any NTers have tried Insanity/p90x?
Joined May 26, 2003
I will say this, I havent done anything athletic since 07 lol that College lifestyle got the best of me. Since I graduated in May and right now I`m just working, I feel this would be the best time to get back in shape. I know this is going to kick my butt something awful though.
Joined Mar 8, 2009
I did the workout portion and not the diet portion. I only did it for about a month before I fell off, but in that short amount of time I saw results. The only thing I would say is to be careful on what type of surface you do the work out on, because all the jumping is going to be hell on your knees. If you're going to workout of concrete I would suggest that you lay down some type of mat.

I would suggest the workout to anyone.
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