Any Pennsylvania Heads Wanna Help Me Out?

Dec 4, 2006
Hey Northeast NTers, I feel bad asking others who I've never met in person before so If you don't want to I completely understand you. ALL IM ASKING FOR IS A PHONE CALL, keep that in mind, I'm not asking for someone to go to his house and stick him up. Well the story goes, this dude in Lansdale, Evan Towey, was supposed to send me DS last shots XIV and DS XIX SE black gold for $180, and he never sent it out. The reasons why I don't want to call is because I live in Canada and the long distance charges will be so much and if he has caller ID he'll see the phone call is coming from Canada and he'll probably know it's me... anyways, any help is appreciated, and here's his info:

EDIT: ill pm you the info of him if you're interested...

PM me or specify if you want me to PM you for additional info, and before calling, i'll explain the details to you privately, thanks a lot
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