Any Progressive Rock Fans Here?

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Originally Posted by ScottHallWithAPick

I like Pink Floyd. But recommend me some more I'm dling the albums on this page now

These songs are much longer than the average 3-4 minute song. A favorite of mine, Supper's Ready by Genesis is 23 minutes long, so I'd recomend just letting them play. Theres so many transitions & improvization, you'll never know what to expect. Here are some dope albums that come to mind...

Yes - The ultimete YES (all 3 cd's)

Genesis - Wind & Wuthering

Gentle Giant - Octopus

Kansas - Song For America

Van Der graaf Generator - Godbluff

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i used to be into emerson lake and palmer a good bit, their drummer was absolutely disgusting (carl palmer i believe)
their live shows were insane, my man palmer with huge gongs behind his set, greg lake on an upside down in the air piano and PLAYING while upside down +$+, theyre beasts

euro prog rock is greaatttt for sampling, just catching on
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