Any think that Seattle gives Blue Scholars too much cred?

May 19, 2003
Anyone else think that Seattle gives Blue Scholars too much credit? Don't get me wrong, they are good. But I just think Seattle gives them too much credit.
do you understand the concept of "home team advantage" in sports?

same thing, obviously.

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yamakazi is right, besides these guys have talent and a message, and both of those are missing in hip hop.

I think they are cool, but I am no die hard fan. I like rap with a political and social message sometimes, and sometimes I like a lil ra ra gun play and @#%$ talk too.

In the end I wish these dudes nothing but success.

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At least somebody came out and said it. They're not bad, but it's getting annoying how everyone seems to think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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i'll say this. Dude's need to quit reppin the Southend. They might live here now, but they aint from here.
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Dude, I stay reppin' Blue Scholars for life. I don't care.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
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and the next most viable, potentially signable act out of Seattle is?

there you go. I have been involved in the hip hop scene here since the late 80s and I have seen groups come and I have scene them go so I would like to see them make it.

The last commercially succcesful acts out of here were Mix and to a lesser extent Kid Sensation, I have seen way too many talented acts get left in the dust.

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im with Fame on this one man. they're doing there thing and they're doing it good. their music is solid and i really do hope that they become successful because there aren't a lot of mainstream artists from Seattle. i mean whether or not they become famous i will still listen to their music.
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I've never actually heard any of their music, but if theyre from the area, and trying to actually do somethin, I cant knock 'em.

truth be told, I've never really liked any local acts, although I'll support when I can by buying a CD if theyre hustling them at the mall or a barbershop or somethin. I usually give it away though cause its never really my thing. Recently though, there are a couple that aint bad. the dude Neema is okay I guess. I've seen him live a couple times, and I can at least say he puts on a good high energy show without the BS posturing I've seen from some other smaller acts. Parker Brothaz are cool too. I actually LIKE 2 of their songs(although 1 is basically an Outkast remake) much that I Dl'ed them and would buy a CD if I had access to it

I guess I got off topic a bit huh?
Say Hi to Mickey and Goofy for me Rashard​ scholars are ill..all their songs have a message..
though they're not the best emcee/dj team.. i've ever heard..
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HOV- Shut up before i add another $50 bucks to the laptop! haha sike, i love you.
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i like their music. got some friends who got a little tired of them a while back cuz it always seemed they were performing at every show around seattle.
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Blue scholars are sick and Seattle actually has a couple nice groups.......

Boom Bap Project is pretty dope too but I also really like Common Market.

DJ Sabzi is the man behind Blue Scholars and Common Market as their producers/DJ. I love that he brings two differen't feels with both groups. A lot more sped up samples with Common Market and a bit more organic with blue scholars. I like them both a lot and Sabzi is the anchor killing them all.
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Honestly, I think Blue Scholars represents Seattle's persona better than anyone.

They aren't ghetto, Seattle's not THAT ghetto.
They are smart, Seattle is the most educated city in the Nation (fact)
They don't play off of any other regional style (i.e. hyphy, south, east coast)

They aren't the best and i don't necessarily WANT that to be the image of Seattle rap, but it kinda is.

embrace them.
I pity da foo who made dis post.
powfo knows what he is talking about, especially when you consider te young man just turned 7 this year.

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