Any UCF or FAMU NTer's? Vol. What are these colleges like thread

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Can someone school me on these schools

 these are my two options and I have a month to decide....

If any other Highschool seniors have questions about a college of theirs, you can use this thread


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Fam dug up a 2 year old thread just to throw salt on my University


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Originally Posted by Coolidge Effect

I know a bunch of people that went UCF, I heard it was voted as one of the school with the prettiest girls by Playboy.

So far as FAMU, it is so disorganized. I went to Florida State which was right next door, and took some classes at the University. I cant tell you how many times I would be enrolled in a class and during the last day of the course they would say I was never on the roster. I always felt cheated by that lame school. BUT, last I heard if you have a g.p.a over 3.5 you get full tuition, but with all the disadvantages, I don't think that is much of a benefit.
Pretty sure OP already made his decisions years ago
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Graduated from UCF and liked it out there. I from Tallahassee originally and unless you really involved with a fraternity or something, I wouldn't come to Tally for college. Orlando > Tallahassee
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