Anybody got that one family member? Vol. "Yo let me get a dollar"

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Mufu**** always need a cousin 20 now just a little older then me...son alwaaays asking me for a ride some where as if im always just chilling..couple weeks ago i was bringing him and his girl to the tow spot..little before that i went to get this mo ey he owed me and he just hop in the car expecting a ride some this dude forced me all the way out here to framingham, ma (i live in beantown heads know) on my day off
...grandma come in and wake me up "could you take ya cousin to framingham" at 730 in the got damn morning so he could go to some welfare office/unemployment line...ol Martin floor buffin #*+ n****
...f*** this kid
End of vent/rant
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lol but you can't be an enabler, so I tell them I'll help them after I see they have exhausted all their other options
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Not my family member, but my girl's brother is like this. 23 and still living with his mother and has no job. Has a baby mother who took him to court for child support. I don't know how he manages that without a job. He thinks he's going to blow up as a rapper. Oh yeah, also, just last week he called me up talking about he didn't like how I handled a recent argument between me and his sister. Like son, your BM has you on child support and you can't see your son because you were violent towards her. You're giving me relationship advice?
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real talk theres just some ppl out there that you cant help, he's gonna be like that for the rest of yall lives
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