Anybody have a connect to Footlocker in pg or dc for friends and fam sale

Joined Feb 11, 2010
Honestly when it comes to these 50% of F&F you can probly just ask an employee to hold you down... tip them of course for all the trouble.
Joined Apr 17, 2005
alright..... so this is how it works. These store have a spending limit of like $4,000 (retail) or $2,000 (total discounted amount). Find you a small store (as it will be harder to reach that limit) and make buddy buddy with someone. Give them 10-15% of what you save (its called a kick back). The 50% discount is just a massive liquidation process to clear up excess inventory that is not moving. Shoe City does it too.... they just call it "mark everything down after 3.5 weeks and get it off the shelves". Lol
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