Anybody here go to Colgate?

Apr 5, 2005
there recruiting me pretty aggresively and from what i undertand they have a strong architecture program which is one of the crucial things im looking for...anybody attend? if so how is the social scene over there?

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I don't man but I've heard great things about it. It has a great academic reputation/ good alumni network. It's definitely a good opportunity. Check out to find out more about the school, also I like the CollegeProwler book series.
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well..i dont go either, but was real close to..

just like jjb said, it's pretty much a great school...beautiful campus. as for parties and such, there are a lot of frat parties, lot of drinking, etc...academically one of the best schools around and great alumni networking..

and jjb-

i was at nyu last year, transfered to tufts this year...what college are you in..?
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