Anybody here in grad school?

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I just started my MBA at Penn State yesterday. I was wondering if anyone had any advice they could give me. So far the classes haven't seemed too bad. I don't know if staying here for two more years is for me though but I'm going to try to tough it out.
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My wife just got her MBA, so I can't tell from my own experience but from seeing and hearing what she's said, it seems that networking is super important. The classes will be really hard (she did a one year program so a two year shouldn't be as crammed) and you'll probably have a lot of group work. Make sure to make a lot of friends and try to surround yourself with like-minded and hard working people, that way if you do get to team up you won't be doing all the work yourself. It's pretty much the same as undergrad, make friends that have the same classes as you so that if you have any problems you can work them out together. It's going to be hard, but in the long run it'll definitely be worth it. 
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I'm finishing up my PhD this semester. Most of the people I know in MBA programs say it really is just like undergrad. Network as much as you can: that's half the battle. 
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I'm thinking about it, I should graduate this Spring and a good friend of mine with the same major (Graphic Design) started on his MBA. I also watched another friend defend his thesis (Computer Science major) and talked to my boss about it (also CS) who got his MBA Spring 2010 and is currently working on his PhD. Definitely something to consider but I know, atleast in my field, it isn't a necessity yet. Still have a few months to decide though.
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I'm currently working on my Masters in Occupational Therapy, but from my experience, you have to discipline yourself. The material is not difficult to comprehend, but there is a ton of work. Stay on top of your assignments and set aside time to study. Definitely network so that you can have a job lined up when you graduate. Also, touch up on your critical thinking skills and application of knowledge, because a lot of answers might not be straight forward.
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I'm about to get started, getting my pre-reqs out the way.

I was out of school for 6 years, said I was only going to take 1 year off

Being back in the classroom was harder than what I expected.  Also, study habits need to be built from scratch.  I'm used to coming home and just chillin' or going out, playing golf, hooping and working out.  Not saying I can't do those things anymore, just have to squeeze studying back into the equation.

Material doesn't seem to difficult, it is time consuming and there isn't much time to burn.  Networking is key, and aligning yourself with good people will take you a long way.  There will be A LOT of group work/projects.

My girl just finished her program, it was an intense 18 month MPA program.  She's burned out and is still studying for her Comp test in October.  It took a toll on her. 
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good advice, i am going to have to keep this in mind in a few years when i grad.
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