Anybody here name their kids after an athlete, actor or musician??????

Joined Oct 13, 2001
Ok I seee why you were at my neck at every turn last night lol.

Yeah I don't care why you're named John or Sébastien.

But if parents name you Martin Luther and so happen to have the last name King im like 🤔.
I wasn't at your neck at all man. :lol:

I simply wanted (want) to know why you found it tacky and why it makes you roll your eyes.


Joined Nov 1, 2007
I know a few Elvis, it’s kinda a common Spanish name
A Hercules
I know this dumb *** dude who named his son Bruce Wayne

One of my friends middle name is Marley, his sister name is Kaya which is a actually nice name I like It


Joined Apr 29, 2007
I had a dog named Jordan.

Wanted to name my kid Jada but glad I didn't.

My homie named his kid Sincere like Nas character in Belly.

My girl plays with the idea of naming our next son Nasir. I don't hate it but it's prolly not gonna happen.
Joined Jan 3, 2013
yeah, I'm named after a Laker.

just know that if it's uncommon your kid always going to get questions or have people wanting to explain their name.
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I went to school with a Prince. Played ball with a kid named Mister which when I was young calling another kid Mister was hilarious to me :lol:
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