Anybody seen Chi-Town Penny 1's in Orlando yet??????????????

Mar 21, 2005
If so tell me where. I need to go buy them. Thanks
I need to trade my size 11.0 for your size 11.5 Foamposite One Retro!!!
i know a place in polk county that has both the orlandos and chi-towns.
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I was just in Polk county on sunday for my great-uncles 91st birthday. I'll just wait till they pop up here. Thanks for the info though.
I need to trade my size 11.0 for your size 11.5 Foamposite One Retro!!!
Naw man they haven't dropped here yet. If you ask me I don't think they are going to drop.. The orlando colorway dropped here like 2 days after they hit n.y. My boy works at footlocker fl mall and hasn't seen them on his sheet.. I needed a pair too eastbay just got a fsr on backorder so I copped from them... 119 free shipping not bad...

Oh by the way tell VINNY sam said what's up.. I was there for the blk silver 5's with my 2 lil boys don't kno if you was workin or not... I used to cop from vinny all the time when he used to work at fashion that's when finishline used to get all the hot but I told him for gr's ill start commin to him again that's my man he always looks out for me.....
That's what's up my nig...u coppin the cool grey 3's this month? Ls if I aint wrong...
Yeah ^ hopefully I am seeing If a friend can hold me a pair for me in his size it will be rape prices though :frown:. Hopefully I can get them for like 160.
Chi town pennys dropped at fl mall footlocker today.... go cop my dude... I did..... :D
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