Anybody watch SKINS? Vol. Oh.... wow

Joined Jun 4, 2006
I found it late last week and have come up to date through the current episodes of Season 4 already. For people who are asking what it's like, it's Degrassi with hard drugs and **** in so many words.
Joined Dec 4, 2005
I used to watch it but after season 2 they changed the whole cast. I stopped watching after that.
Joined Apr 14, 2004
where do they show it? i just started watching w/e they had on netflix. show is okay.
Joined Apr 3, 2001
Been watching it since the beginning. Dope show. Cassie is probably one of my favorite TV characters. The first 3 seasons had great music, but this season the music is terrible.
Joined Jun 24, 2007
huge fan and the first 2 series were :smoking the new cast is still good but its lost its luster.
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