anyone been to albertville outlet mall in MN lately?

Feb 25, 2007
i heard that the timberland store isn't there anymore. can anyone confirm that?
I was just up there this past weekend (labor day weekend) and i didnt really see the timberland store (but i wasnt really looking for it)...other times i went up there i usually stopped by there, but i dont remember seeing it this time

but the nike outlet doesnt really have much of anything, when i went, i ended up getting a pair of penny iv's white/grey/black/red for 29.99 and a couple of jordan shorts and that was it

hope this helps, if anything the outlets

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I went to the medford outlet last week and was suprized to see like 6 C&K sb's. I picked one up for my little brother becuase they didn't have my size. I really want to check out it better than medford?
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