Anyone been to Istanbul, Turkey?

Joined Jul 5, 2006
Hey in Istanbul for a few days stayin at the Hilton, gona see the historical  Mosques (masjids) and Islamic history, along with the different places around the city..i have a tour guide, but i was wondering if any of yall had been there/live there.. and had experiences..
any cool places to shop? good deals on clothes etc...ppl seem to care more about fashion in europe than they do in the states lol..imo..

but yea..holla at me if u got any info....
Joined Sep 6, 2002
Check out Taksim, its a pretty sick place known for its younger and hipper vibe. They have a bunch of shops and restaurants there. You can also check out Cevahir Mall, its the largest mall in Europe.

You have a lot of shopping options in Turkey. Many companies like Diesel, Mavi, and other popular brands have factories there and you can pick up stuff CHEAP! Be sure to try the food when you are out there, it is absolutely delicious. I recommend Iskender, doner, and kusbasi kasar pide as a start. Just remember like anywhere else, you have good places and not so good places, so make your rounds.

I have a ton of family in Istanbul, I cant wait to see them this summer. Its a beautiful place, enjoy your stay!
Joined Jul 23, 2004
I went there when I was kid. It was beautiful, I remember the amazing beaches and historical sites.
Joined Nov 11, 2004
istanbul is amazing.

i was there for about a week last summer. turkish people are extremely friendly, the mosques everywhere are crazy. so much history in that city. i'll post some pictures i took later
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