Anyone been to Planned Parenthood?

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My girl wants to go on birth control, but we both got laid off and we lost medical insurance

I was thinking about going to Planned Parenthood, but I've never been there and don't know anything about it.

Can she just make an appointment and get pills? How much does it cost?
What's it like?

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Yall can walk in and battle the long wait, and get your pills.....

But I've only been there for condoms.
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my girl had to get an appointment. They will give you the pills for free if she has low income or something like that
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you have to make an appointment with them before hand... and the birth control price differentiates depending on whether you have insurance (what kind) or notand what kind of birth control method you want to you. I recommend you calling ahead of time to get the prices or you can check their website for prices andinformation on exactly what your looking for.
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Originally Posted by fivefivenine

One too many visits there.
....after a while I use to go there like it was nothing, get mydiscounted condoms or morning after pill/plan B for free or for the low low.....
I use to bag chicks in the waiting room.....that was easier then chubbychicks! and even easier if they were chubby!
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Not planned parenthood, but I went to another low cost womens health clinic for my birth control when I lost my insurance. I qualified for the states healthinsurance for women and family planning, so I was somewhat covered. It was the depo shot, which was a bit more $$ than BC pills if I'm not mistaken.

It's a sliding scale, based on your income. She will need proof of a pap smear within the past 12 months to get the pills, otherwise she will need to havean exam done before PP will issue a RX for BC pills
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