Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

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I’d imagine they’d buy out Topps and Panini outright, but keep their operations going. I don’t know if they’d even change the names of the product since they’re already well established.

If one company owns all that, we’ll probably see MLB licensed cards from Panini, and NBA and NFL licensed cards from Topps again.

One interesting thing I heard on a podcast was what if Fanatics bought Upper Deck after buying out Topps and Panini? We could see the return of Jordan and LBJ autos in basketball products 🤯
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No Ohtani autos in that '21 Topps Chrome set, I know he signed a deal with Fanatics but don't believe that should impact cards for a bit. Going to scour Beckett to see if he has signed cards from any sets this season. No Mookie or Tatis autos either in this years' Chrome...
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now panini will probably charge even HIGHER to make the most bang with the years remaining. maybe keeping sealed boxes now will have better value since it'll go out of print in 2026


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They probably will and Panini too ..Heck might as well buy UD as well so we can finally see an LBJ and MJ auto with NBA stuff
Yea bring down the damn prices on autograph Jordan jerseys, more than doubled since 2020 :smh:


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Prizm Basketball

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Got my
First nba product


1 mega -_-

did a second order with 4 and they cancelled it, should have did all 5 in the first

how did u do today CARTEL777 CARTEL777

also called cust service, basically what I was told its a once per 24 hr order limit, which is why my second order was cancelled even though it was within the quantity limit
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i missed on everything basketball related

but finally got to use my $40 dollars off that came with the red card on topps chrome woo

2 for the price of $20 with shipping included...topps always seems to bless in the mlb department :nerd:
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