Anyone Collect Sports Cards?

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I was given a little sleeve for my CGC slabbed Lugia. I think the sleeve is wearing a little bit and it’s not as clear seeing the card when I handle it.

Do I need to worry about these slabs scratching easily? Should I keep it in the sleeve for as long as I can? I know they sell other sleeves but this one I got is a perfect fit and I heard the other sleeves aren’t form fitted perfectly to the slab, which I prefer.
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Didn’t even realize the retail select (or at least blasters) were blue.

So many damn variations. Can only see panini watering things down more.
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^ haven't seen those brand names in a LONG time

been awhile since i was in here but I was listening to the ESPN daily pod they were discussing the Fanatics exclusive + the 6.6 mil Honus auction.

could totally see Topps selling to Fanatics just so they dont go out of business
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They pulled a chrome Curry rookie and a standard Griffin, Curry and Harden rookie

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Seems there are more parallels in Chrome baseball this year. I think it's going to take some time for me to work on completing this.
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Stopped collecting around 03. Looking through mostly junk, I found this guy

worth a grading? I see some superficial scratches on the surface but the corners seem solid.
not a single Brady rookie.I bought single packs back then so there’s just so much junk out there. $15 packs with straight common junk. I was hustling backwards back then. I should’ve saved for the hobby boxes.
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