anyone copping the xx2 pe's that dropped?

Feb 11, 2006
I know in light of the xx3's surfacing, the playoff 8's, and og spizikes to come some j's have been looked over. I copped the xx2 pe [new york edition to represent!] and i must say they are :smokin
the quality is outstanding and I cant wait to get these on the court! anyone else copping? or just saving for the retros?
yeah i noticed the new york and la editions that just came out. i like the looks of both of them. eventually i'll most likely cop one of them.

but for right now im saving up for the 8's and spizikes
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theres a full court pressure, im just goin for the two, if im open for the three, imma take it in a second, even if theres one second and imma make it its nothin
Nope, not feeling them at all...JB is taking things to far...not as successful as the X's back in the day.
hell naw, those are whack
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Have had the Black/Charcoal colorway for a while now, and prefer it's fit to the first XX2.

Lookswise, i'm not sure which of the two i like more. The PE has the advantage of a more durable upper.

As for the other PEs, if JB *REALLY* want to release Player Edition shoes, why didn't they release Chris Paul's XX2?
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co-sign with fenix the PE's are bad
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i think the chicago PE XXII's are okay but i won't cop, i'm just gonna wait for my playoffs...
Anyone want to post of pic of the NYs and LAs?
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I like them, especially the West Coast edition. Too bad there're too much things I need to save up for.....Bred 8, Spike', the packs, and other things.....Hopefully the price is going down in the next few months.....
I's much rather have all the 2K4 lasers or another ZKII ID.
I think the Wht/Red look pretty good though.

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man I'm about to get the black/red ones as soon as they fall into my price range AKA <$75

and I'm also gonna take off the reverse ankle collar, ugly lookin thing

my hit list right now is the chi xx2 pe's, black zoom bb's, and POSSIBLY the black KG lightspeeds if they go dirt cheap, all for basketball.

I could care less about 8's or 15's or whatever other fruit loops colored jays that are coming out the next couple months, and honestly the packs... if they're released in the same numbers as the DMP, I'll be able to get a nds pair of something I want later for way less than $155.
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I don't know why they thought having little graffiti writing on the side of the shoe was a good idea, it just defaces the shoe. Would you want it on the side of your III's or XI's? Without it I might have gotten the black/yellow
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If the graffitti had been isolated to just the medial side, I could've withstood it, but it just looks tacky on both sides, especially since it's embroidered on a nylon like fabric.

I'm looking to cop either the white or black Chicago PE, but only during the next Emp. App. They're nice, but everyone knows they'll hit the racks & I'm patient enough. Besides, Zoom TR, another Kobe Strength, Kobe LItes (if they ever friggen drop) and even Laser 2K4's >>> any XX2's on my priority list, as far as functional shoes go.
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one of the most hideos shoes ive ever seen.
This is nothing to me.. difficult takes a day impossible takes a week.
nope. maybe the black ones, in a size14, for >$40 (What are the odds of that happening?)
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Easy pass for me, i dont like the design and im saving my money for the playoffs and XX3..
might as well cop the blk/red xx2's at pigeon forge for 49.99
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if it hits 30 dollars on outlet i might as well cop for balling but a waste of pe
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