Anyone else feel like a loser cause you're not doing anything career oriented ?

Nov 21, 2005
Am I the only college student here that feels this way ?

I see all my peers studying abroad, landing internships, etc.

yet here I am going into my 3rd year of college and still haven't done a damn thing related to my future, I have no idea what I'm going to be doingwhen I graduate.
I just feel like by now something should have sparked and put me in the right path to my future.


Some of us are trying to get back in school.

I want some of that career money too!

Julius F. Wrek
u still got a summer n a year .. stop cryin n jus apply for somethin..
posting on here trying to find people in a similar situation as yourself may make you feel better but isnt going to help you out. get up get outand get something
i feel the way you do. i was talking to my high school friends and they are all talking about the progressions they were making in life and i just felt like aloser. and i'm doing things at turtle pace

then i went in the hospital and they had a sign that said "it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop"- confucius

really touched me because i identified that with school.
I have a job so I don't. But today I past by a Chucky Cheese on the way home that is suppose to open in a few weeks and there was about 100 teens/collegeage looking people waiting for a interview. They were doing interviews in the parking lot. I wonder how many of them felt like losers.
It's all right, yo. You'll find something.. sometime. I don't have a damn clue as what i'll do later in my life, not to say i'll even bealive but
i'll try to do good in school for now
Honestly, you should've been on the grind when you started college.

IMO, the last "summer vacation" a person should have is before college. College summers = internships even if they're unpaid.
everyone works at their own pace. people who took care of things right from the jump and took inatitave i got respect for but i also got respect for those whokeep trying and don't give up and settle.
i had 2 or 3 great internships/career opportunities fall through this year

now i'm at a gas station for the summer

things like that never work out for me
Originally Posted by damnneardeadstock

i had 2 or 3 great internships/career opportunities fall through this year

now i'm at a gas station for the summer

things like that never work out for me

thats life for you live and you learn and things happen.

i was 17 when i graduated high school, and was looking forward to everything that awaited me but things changed drasticlly within a year. my son was born5 months after i graduated and i was relagated to managing my time between work full time, school full time, and daddy duties.

i needed to make money right away so i looked at the short term situation started taking less classes and working as much as i could. eventally i was onlytaking 1 class a semester, there was times i got lazy and would take a class and drop it midway through, then i ended up taking 2 and a half years off fromgoing to school and just worked crappy jobs.

i ended up getting into some stupid regrettable legal situations as well which made things more difficult but last fall i just said screw it no moreexcuses, i'm going back to school and i'm going to at least try my best to get on top of everything i should be on top of.

i'm 24 now and i'm barely going to transfer to a cal state school in the fall, part of me is feeling like better late then never but anotherpart of me is just shaking my head at the years i wasted screwing around and i say that because theres other people who manage work, school, and kids so mysituation was no excuse for my past laziness.
You're not the only one. I graduated a few years ago and I still don't know what I want to do with my life. Watch this until around 4:00 minutes or so.

I went to Argentina one time and everyone just seemed to be just sitting around, it was beautiful.
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