Anyone else get the feeling Epic Beard Man fight is fake?

Joined Nov 11, 2004
seriously..the bus is just standing there..the way the guys are squaring off in the 2nd video..somethin jus dont seem right

Joined Sep 7, 2004
a)the bus is just standing there? huh? i don't even know if you make sense, let alone make a valid argument. of course the bus stopped, the bus was AT a stop when the dudes started fighting, what do you think the bus driver is gonna do? keep making his/her rounds? use some common sense.
@these people@94.9 for feeding "Michael" answers. its time for them to change frequencies again, nobody listens to that crap.
c)i love how he puts a cig in his mouth before he walks to the front of the bus

d)"my brother was a veteran so i want to apologize to 'Tom'" pffft. so if "Michael's" brother wasn't a veteran would he still have apologized?

e)but props to "Michael" for trying to take the high road.
Joined May 18, 2005
%%@ happened to dude getting locked up?

lmfaooo, I think the veteran is insane

either that, or thats not the same dude, although he looks just like him.

maybe they found an imposter
, you don't lose 85 iq points by drinking

smh @ everyone WANTING to believe this story originally
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