Anyone else more into Converse (Chucks) than any other shoe?

Nov 18, 2002
Real talk, i used to be the white on white adidas guy. Had superstars and 3 forum lows, not to mention a bunch of other white shoes...but gave up on them because they would yellow after a few months and become unwearable. I also found the funky color mixes have gotten a bit too extreme and juvenile nowadays....

I finally decided to buy some chucks. 3 years later, i still wear the same pair of my black and white canvases. Awesome shoes.

I got myself a pair of limited edition and somewhat rare leather white low chucks with the 3 straps at the top instead of laces. I then bought a camo slip on from gap for $17 and a pair of optical whites. Now i want some leather black and white chucks!!!

anybody else feel me? I mean im not shutting out other brands...but lately ive been going this route....
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this is soooooooooooooooo not a nike retro post.

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Can't seem to bring myself to wear 100-year old shoes. Do you, though.
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chucks have the classic look i can appreciate, but they are hell on my feet...couldn't imagine wearing them regularly.
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Nope. Otherwise, I would be on

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Appreciated. I live them in the summer...

They don't have Air, or carbon fiber plates, and no ankle support, so I'll pass.
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you guys do realize that nike OWNS the chuck doesnt own all of converse...just the chuck taylors
dang..this is what i get for posting at 3 mods, can you please move this?

i do agree though, they kind of hurt my feet but i got used to them.
"No matter how many times I shoot in a game, I'm still going to be on fire.''---ARENAS #0
never really cared for them but I had a few pairs over the years.
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the only ones i bought were the suede slip-on Varvatos Chucks. they are really comfortable and are great to wear when you want a change from Nikes.
wasn't there supposed to be a Jordan Chuck Taylor that was to be included in the DMP package, i remember that was said right around the time that NIKE bought the All-Star or Converse, whatever, was this true or just ducktales?
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I'll honestly say that Chucks are one of my favorite shoes. I wouldn't say #1 because I don't really have a favorite, just a few shoes I really like.

I think a lot of people on NT would say they don't like chucks just because it's kind of hard to "break necks" in a pair of chucks. @#%$ that. That's not why I'm into sneaks.

Nothin' compares to rocking some fresh chucks with some crisp khaki dickies :pimp:
At least in my opinion, haha.

SD...The only place for me.

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canvas shoes are great in the summer. plus you can toss them in the washer if they get too grimey.

I'm not going to say chucks are the number 1 most comfy shoe, but I do find them much more comfortable that af1s for some reason.
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quite uncomfy for long periods but they're good......simple, classic. and very affordable..... really.
#1 shoe, and always will be. black highs and white lows for me all day. people overuse the word classic too much, but if there is only one classic in the entire sneaker universe, these are it. even non-sneakerheads can tell you that.
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its all about jack purcells.

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