Anyone else truly believe WVU will go all the way?


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I didn't think my boys would be this good this quick, or better yet good enough to win it, but it seems they are.

From '05 - '09 I attended virtually every game at the coliseum and to think that Huggins' system that supplanted Beilein would take us this far is incredible.

I've seen those kids around campus and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think they had the drive, the mettle, the fight, but as they've showed, it's there.

I am worried about Duke though. I believe we can beat them, but it's not going to be a cakewalk. I think if the Mounties get to the championship game, it's a wrap.

Anyone picking WVU to take the chip?
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Why not? It's not like any of the four are thought of as some unstoppable juggernaut.

I don't know what the odds are, but WVU has a strong case as the "favorite" in Indy.

big j 33

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Originally Posted by balloonoboy

Originally Posted by henz0

@ making this post during the final 4
It's easier this way.
But if you made this post before the tourney then maybe it's harder to imagine or more of a surprise.  They're in the final 4.  They need to win two games, it's very possible.


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For my bracket's sake lets hope not,
. They can beat Duke but they gotta lose the Championship for me to make a huge come up (cotdamn KU
). I dont care if Michigan St. or Butler wins it all.

Speaking purely as a fan of the game though, I'd like to see Michigan St. win it. I'd like to think my Terps lost to the eventual champions plus I like it when teams redeem themselves the following year.
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No. Let's assume you don't even know any of the players on Duke and didn't see the Baylor game (which seems to be the case). First thing you'd say to yourself is what, no open jumpers for the white guys until proven otherwise. Keep it real. I'm not watching the game but every time I have checked in I see an open 3, or somebody going underneath a screen on Scheyer.
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