Anyone ever built thier own furniture?

Apr 1, 2009
I think for a summer project I'm going to attempt in building a desk. Has anyone else on here built furniture?
pics if you have.
can you rent tools from home depot. cause power saws are expensive and i'll only use it for this
did you just go at it from scratch or did you have to buy a blueprint?
i picture a bookshelf being more straight forward than a desk though
ikea is about it
i've built most of the things in my apartment. not from scratch though it came with instructions and parts
^^thats what I might end up doing. but I want to start from scratch the power tools are damn expensive though
Yeah a desk shouldnt be hard to made just depends on the style . A circular saw , drill , pocket hole jig . and some trim pieces you should be able to make one
Two small stools for the kids... It took me a week... poor amateur like me.
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