Anyone ever get a ticket on campus? Vol. Can I defend myself in court?

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I live & work on my schools campus. It is like a 5 min drive between the two. I left work and had to take a left to get to my parking lot. There were noooooo cars coming and I slowed to a crawl. I took my left and a cop car came out a parking lot and put his lights on. Basically I got a ticket for not coming to a complete stop for 3 secs (Alabama law). It's a $75 ticket and that seems kind of extreme. I signed my ticket and have 7 days to pay before more fees are added on. Apparently I can go to court to get a refund but it will essentially be my word versus the cop and I'm not sure if I have to pay the court costs or if the university does? Is it worth fighting or should I go ahead and take the L?
And before anyone says anything, I drove from class to work to my apartment.

Left work & got a $75 ticket for not coming to complete 3-sec stop

I stopped for 1-sec and no cars were coming

I have to pay the ticket but can defend later for a refund

Not sure if I have to pay court costs or if the university does
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ive had parking tickets on campus before that i havent paid, and no one has said anything yet... i wonder if its different for moving violations
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You can contest it. It depends on whether or not the cop shows up. The only thing is that you show up and on time, regardless of guilt. Cops do indeed pull stunts like selective enforcement.
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