Anyone Ever got their tonsils taken out?

Joined Mar 11, 2008
just curious to know if any one ever got their tonsils taken out, i might have to take out mines and im wondering if it hurts to do it, how much it cost, so they put you to sleep while doing it, and so on... fill me in. thx
Joined Dec 28, 2009
got mine out over 10 years ago
had strep throat over 50 times as a kid no joke. tonsils were touching

they put me out and they used some sort of laser to remove them. they even taped it. i got the vhs somewhere

but since then my overall health has been dramaticly better.  
Joined Mar 11, 2008
thx yall but like how long does the recovery take after you do it and like how much was it, dude said im the 2nd person to ask


Joined Jan 2, 2007
got them taken out 7 years ago from what i remember i couldn't speak for two days, only whisper.

the first day from surgery i wasn't able to open my mouth i had to eat baby food through a straw.
Joined Aug 13, 2009
Got em out when I was 6... Throat hurts afterward and for a few dayz so just eat soup and such. Yea they should put u to sleep. They usually take em out with either scalpel or laser cut depending on doctor. Do kno about price tho...
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