Anyone ever travel to a foreign country alone?...

Joined Jan 1, 2009
As the title asks, has anyone ever done it? I'm thinking about taking a trip to Israel this summer with a special planned trip group, but with no one iactually know. How was your experience for those who have done it?
Joined Jan 30, 2008
not for personal reasons but I have traveled to foreign countries on business trips

it was not as fun as being with your friends
Joined Dec 19, 2007
nope... thanks to horror movies about people who either travel alone or travel with people who don't have common sense...
Joined Jun 6, 2005
I've traveled alone in a foreign country if that counts...It's not so bad, just be on high alert for anything.
Joined May 8, 2004
i've been to probably 15 foreign countries alone.

it's fun and you'll probably meet some cool people, but can also get mad lonely at times.

def worth the experience, though.
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