Anyone From Reading/Berks Cty Area?

oh word thats whats up i didnt think there was anybody here from the rdg. where u get ur sneakers from? mainly the villa i assume. what part of reading? i live on the south side.
North side, i get mine from the villa, svsg, and footaction. But on a side note, do you know anyone with pitbull puppies. I need a female.
oh aight thats whats up. i assume u went to the high? what year did u graduate? i graduated 2004. it's been a minute since i copped a pair of sneakers from the villa downtown since i go to school in pittsburgh i've been coppin most of my shoes out here. but i noticed the villa is startin to get more stuff. last time i was in there they had some heat, but that was a while ago. is there anything new or special they got in recently?

AirJ24 what domino's does ur dad supervise? i think there's a few in the area. also have u been to the new sneaker villa in allentown? i heard they get alot of heat.
i did go to the high, and i graduated in 2001, i haven't went to the villa in allentown yet, but i am cool with the manager in Reading. The villa got an outlet in VF now.
oh for real they got an outlet now? what kind of stuff do they have in there? anything worth going and checking out?
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