Anyone get uncomfortable when people stare at them?

Joined Jun 29, 2008
That %!$* gives me the heeby jeebies. I don't like being stared especially for long intervals. It just happened before I took my final. This girl wasburning a hole through my shirt. I'm not good with the other gender but this made me hella uncomfortable. I was twirling my pencil and going through myiPod hoping that she'd stop looking at me. Also it makes me think that there is something wrong with me physically.
Joined Jul 19, 2008
Maybe she just thought you were cute? (^Great minds think alike

But, I love having a staring contest at stop lights. I'm still undefeated, longest match was 'bout 20 seconds flat.
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im used to people staring.

in NYC seems like were all staring at each other.
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I hate when creepy guys, old men, and chicks stare at me. I'll say sometimes something too. I got something on my face?! ****.
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I don't mind being stared at for short periods of time. I was in SC in March and I walked into a restaurant and this table of like 5 people just keptstaring at me, I stared back like
and then turned my head awayand they were still staring. I said "why is everybody at that table staring at me" loud enough so they could hear me and when I walked around to sitdown this chick was like "I like his shoes" and I sat down still
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Naw I don't like that $$++ either. It dosen't make me uncomfortable, I just be like what the +!** are you looking at. I don't even like when mygirl stares at me for long periods of time
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I usually give stonefaces to the girls I find attractive, that psycho look, but when I caught this pretty little girl lookin' at me I finally smiled back.She gave me the stoneface with the quickness and I turn around and leave the classroom.
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Originally Posted by Lazy B

Originally Posted by DAYTONA 5000

What race was she?
White. I mean she's cute but I just don't like being stared at (self-image issues).
should've scowled then bucked at her. Catches them off guard almost all the time.
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i usually glance at them nonchalantly to let them know i noticed them noticing me and then as i start to look away i turn back to them quickly with a heavy
until they eventually lose the staredown

doesnt get me any chicks number but at least they wont be eyeballing me no more
Joined Nov 2, 2004
Happened to me one time when I was registering for classes. I was mad uncomfortable, but I'm the same as you OP self image issues lol.
The chick was cute though
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