Anyone go to San Jose State?


Feb 15, 2004
Well I'm a senior in HS, and I'm really planning on going to SJSU dorming perhaps. I want to go to Berkeley but no way in hell my grades can do it. So SJSU is my second and most likely choice.

Anyone here goes there? How's the city? Campus life? Housing?

Thanks NT.
Two years JC. Transfer to Berkeley. I should have done this, and now I regret it.
SJ is cool, its more of a commuter school so campus life is ok, they now have this dope @#%$ dorm complex thats not more than 2 years old, looks very nice.
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The campus location is cool and the public transportation is free, which means you can go basically go anywhere in SJ.
I'm living in the freshman suites which is the new dorm complex. @#%$ is dope.
like ady2glude707 said its a commuter school so the campus life isnt anything amazing but its still fun.

If you really want to go to berkely
JC -> UC is a good route.
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