Anyone Good at Deciphering Dreams? (I Got a Wild One)

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So its a 2 part dream, both of which taking place entirely in a Costco.

Part 1:

Its kind of hard to explain, because some of the details contradict themselves. It involves most of the cast of "The Office" (around season 4, with David Wallace still as CFO). Everyone is at Costco (myself included, because I guess I am a member of the office), and everyone is just shopping seperately and some people are just in the food court eating their chicken bakes (KEVIN!). There is another new cast member who is also there, played by the lovely Emma Stone. So me and Emma are chillin in Costco (you know, because I'm the best-looking single dude in the office), and we start having this conversation about how she's going to leave the show (this is where it gets odd).

At this point, I talk about how she shouldn't leave the show because everyone loves her. But for some reason, I'm referring to everyone by their character names except for her. I'm like "Michael wouldn't know what to do without you! I know you're a big movie star and all, but you have to stay!". Makes no sense, I know.
Then it just gets stupid. From across the store, someone throws a football and it hits me in the mouth. For the 3rd time in a week, one of my teeth comes loose in a dream. Thats the part I'm worried about: Am i going to lose a tooth?

Now Part 2:

After my tooth comes loose, I walk over to the other side of costco (this place is basically infinitely huge), and Shaq is shooting a show about Lions for Discovery channel. Then I hear they got Lions just chillin in Costco, fighting each other and !@@@! They assure me its all controlled, but I'm sitting there shook with a loose tooth.

Shaq continues his little narration with these two lion cubs playing in front of him. Then out from behind a free-sample table comes one giant lion, followed by an even bigger one! The first one lands on top of me, and I think I'm done for, but in reality he really just tripped over me and the 2nd one lands on top of him. So I'm flailing around trying to get free, and Shaq is just chillin thinking "nah, I ain't helpin, even though I'm like 8 feet tall, 400 pounds" (maybe if he was guaranteed another ring, he would've helped).

After a short struggle, it fades to black suddenly, and I awaken, panting like a little @%#++.

So pretty much, imma die, right?
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no were all random people on a online forum no one can decipher dreams.
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Well lemme try to take a stab at this.....

First of all the office represents all your close friends.(Except for Emma Stone because she's new of course and thus not yet a true part of the office aka your close friends)

Emma Stone however, represents sexuality specifically your attraction to women (I'm just assuming you like women)

By her wanting to leave and you not wanting her to leave, that created a conflict. And since she represents your attraction to women, it means that your sexuality is in question.

The football knocking your tooth loose further represents the current teter-totter status of your sexuality.

As far as the Lions, they represent male dominance. Your wanting them to be control means that you don't like to be dominated by males. But in the end the Lion falls on you, thus "dominating" you sexually.


Sorry to say it, but you GAY dawwwg!!!
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