Anyone have a Razr?

what do you think? its a regular keypad phone so it sucks
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can't speak for the regular old razr, but i have the new razr 2 v9m and it's real nice. iTap text system not only predicts what you're saying (like T9) but also learns phrases you say often.
full keyboard is definetly recommended if you plan on doing a lot of texting, i had that first gen. Razr from sprint...sucked. Stayed freezing on me, then i upgraded to the motorola Q....end of story.
i used to have one. there seems to be a problem with a lot of dust accumulating underneath the screen.
IF you intend to be textin' alot get sumthing different.... and outside its impossible to see what your textin.... Keep it real homie, get something better
a Razr?

damn, time to upgrade.
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Would make sense if you asked about this 2 years back. It's time consuming. Get one that has a full keyboard so it would be easier to text.
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I got the Samsung Blast
, revolutionized keypad (the letters are laidout just like they are on a keyboard)
Don't get the Razr if you are planning on doing a lot of texting. I would recommend the Sidekick or Blast.
Nah, don't do it. Had it. Liked it for what its worth at the time but the battery problem that every motorola phone has needs to be fixed.
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