Anyone have any idea what these shoes are? Fake Nike Dunk High Pandas????

Jul 7, 2021
I just moved to the UK and recently bought a pair of shoes that I thought were Nike Dunk Hi Panda's from a British reseller online who apparently bought them after winning a raffle at work. The shoes came in and the tag on the tongue was a different color, the box said the wrong colorway, and the inside of the shoe had an orange Nike logo (all shown in pictures) other than that the shoe looked totally normal as far as I could tell (I've owned a pair of dunk high pandas before)

I messaged the reseller and he was just as confused as I was and explained he bought them after winning a raffle at the sneaker shop (footlocker) he works at and the shoes came in straight from Nike (he provided a receipt in the box that matched his story) the reseller has all positive reviews and even offered to refund me when he gets paid at the end of the month. I don't think he's trying to trick me or sell me a fake he's been very upfront about everything, but we're both confused as to what is going on and why these are different from the 2021 Dunk High Pandas. I've found the same exact pair of "alternate dunks" being sold on ebay by another reputable seller who won them from a footlocker raffle, additionally, the AFEW website (a pretty big German sneaker store) had a raffle for these alternate dunks as well ( link below ) but that's the most I can find on the internet, no explanation just a few instances of these alternate panda dunks being sold in Europe. Is it a European release thing? A factory error? Different model? just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas as to what is going on. some pictures of the "alternate panda high's" below

afew link:

image_67152641 (1).JPG
image_67165953 (1).JPG
Jul 23, 2013
The box is correct. Nike is known to put random colors on the style code for no apparent reason sometimes.

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