Anyone have info on the Jay Z Barry Bonds party in SF?

me toooooooo. I heard it on the radio with chuy gomez
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^^^^It is going to be at Roe^^^

I was talking to another bouncer at my work last night and he said about 2,000 people were signed up for it and the capacity is about 500ish. Should be crazy! On another note The club that I bounce at had a FAT party last night thrown by Derek Jeter and sponsored by grey goose. It was nuts! I met Jeter, A-Rod ( got his autograph) and a ton of other players and the tail was top notch!
i got people asking me bout the party too
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not surprised it's at Roe.....pretty dope spot and one of the hottest w/the SF purdy boys+girls right now. my boy's homey owns it and a few other boojee spots around The Bay, incl Fahrenheit, i think. primo meat in both joints.......bring your checkbook tho.....for the chicks and the grub+drinks....mostly the chicks. lol
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