Anyone have travel advice for Italy?

plan ahead in venice, man. place is EXPENSIVE!!! maybe its my fault for ordering coke to drink (since they have to import it and this apparently makes itsignificantly more expensive), but 8 of us went out for drinks (everyone ordered sodas and three people got glasses of wine) and the bill came to ~100 USD. Iwas

Water taxis are hella expensive. food is hella expensive. just be ready to dish it out in Venice. Eat some seafood while you're there. some of the besti've ever had.

Also, its a place for couples. personally, i wouldnt go back unless i was with a gf/wife .

as for the other locations you plan to visit, watch your pockets in Rome (and all of Europe for that matter). Little kids on the public trans are grimey! iwitnessed a little kid (maybe 8 yrs old) pickpocket a tourist then run off with is stroller pushing mother. peep all the sites there, and def. try and take atour of the Collosium (sp?). They'll give you a lot cool info. As for the vatican, try and go early. place gets packed and hot/humid as the afternoonprogresses.

Take pics of the hotties. Also, dont be showing up there expecting to eat pizza and fettucini alfredo all the time. Americanized italian food is different fromwhat they have over there, so get ready.
in venice, theres a burger king with the usual stuff, but also pasta dishes and other italian specialities. i was
my cousin went last year, said they hate americans.
had alot of rats/mice
smells like B.O in some parts.
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