Anyone here aware or know someone with PTSD?

Mar 19, 2018
I just did 2 years in county jail fighting my case. I was released on January 9th of this year. I was charged with a level 2 felony (minimum of 15 years with a maximum of 30 years) a level 3 felony ( minimum of 3 1/2 years with a maximum of 16 years) and a level 6 felony and an A Misdemeanor. I sat down for 15 months while I waited for the lab results of the drugs to come back and for my lawyer and prosecutor to work out a deal. My original plea was for 9 years with none suspended. The dealing charge was dropped because they didn’t have enough evidence to charge me for it (there was no C.I., no exchange for cash. I got pulled over for speeding and they searched the vehicle & found the work with some scales) I sat down for another 7 months before they came at me with a plea for argumentative sentencing with a cap of 5 years. I signed it and at my sentencing they suspended all of it accept for the time served because it was my first felony. The level 2 dealing & trafficking charge and the level 6 felony got dropped. I’m from Los Angeles and got caught in Indiana where I didn’t know a soul. Waking up everyday in a cell for 2 years and not knowing how much time I was going to get definitely gave me PTSD. My life as I knew it before getting locked up has completely changed and I’m still having trouble dealing with it but I have no plans on going back to that lifestyle. Everyday I’m battling demons.
Been thru that type of stuff since I was 18 and am 43 now. Stay away from selling hard drugs. That leaves the front door wide open for them demons.
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