Anyone here ever pay for a proffesional massage?


formerly piczon1983
Joined Dec 25, 2007
Walkin around the mall and i see this spot that does a full massage for like 40 beans. Sounds like a good deal though. Anyone ever had one?


Joined Apr 6, 2008
my homegirl got me one at this place called massage envy once..she said it was like 40 a hour but they put u on a table, all naked up and +$+@.
Joined May 3, 2009
40 bucks for a mall massage?

You might as well spend 80-100 and go to a resort and get a real massage

Or just find a better deal, Southland Mall out here has some asian ladies who do em for 15.
Joined Nov 6, 2007
ive been wanting to try these but wats good with the "happy ending" might need to look into this
Joined Jun 1, 2009

yeah I alwayssss wanted to try one of these a professional massage and see how it truly feels

bad n fluenz

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I paid for one, I felt like a new man once it was over, Cost me $100 for an hours worth. The lady had to be asian but her fingers were magic massaging me frommy head to my toe! And no there is no such thing as a "happy ending" unless you pay for that part. I got a deep tissue massage all over and my wholebody was just in awe with how good it felt. She used peppermint/tea tree lotion while she massaged me. Yea plan on laying around for 5-10 mins after they getdone with you if your a guy, trust me you don't wanna get up with ALL EYES ON YOU.
Joined Jul 10, 2005
Anyways, the answer is yes.. health benefits ftw..

Looking for a new massage place.. and acupuncture place.. right now actually.. All this work and hockey is killing my body..
Joined Sep 1, 2007
I didn't pay for it, but I have gotten a couple of professional massages. NO HAPPY ENDING FTL. They feel great, both were like 45 minutes long.

I suggest do get one
Joined Nov 11, 2002
Ive had a few massages at this high end salon my girl works at.

I wouldnt say theyre worth the price (well over $100 at the place i was) but i wasnt paying, so it was great. And you feel like a new man afterwards.
Joined Dec 16, 2003
yo I do those ones in the mall all the time, on my lunch breaks

I go back to work feeling like a million bucks, my back has been killing me lately bc my drunk friend decided to hit me with a wooden bat trying to play aroundbut he connected on my lower back
Joined May 2, 2007
I just had one this past Sat.

Chick that did it was

The thoughts that went through my head while we were locked up in that room.....
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