Anyone here go to Stony Brook or UBuffalo ?

Nov 21, 2005
thinking of going to one of these, please school me, thnaks
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go to UB thats where I go.
U get a good mix of people from upstate, but then u get mad people from the city, which makes me feel right at home
i go to Stony Brook. theres a good mix of people here as well. the good thing about Stony Brook is, especially if you're from the City, is that its far away enough to be away by yourself and enjoy the college experience, but its also close enough so that you can come back to the city if you want. its about a hour and a half ride on the LIRR from Stony Brook to the City
can you tell me about the life there ? i heard most people go home on the weekends at stony brook
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yea people do go home on weekends a good amount at stonybrook. it be kind of dead on the weekends. but during the week, its cool.
im from cali so my point of view may be kind of weird... but i went to cornell for undergrad and i think upstate ny totally blows. stony is closer to the city.. go to stony.
haha, yea upstate ny does blow, all the colleges are right along the ny thurway.. cornell, ithaca, syracuse, bing, buffalo, albany, etc. but LI sucks and stony is dead on the weekends, so i think im going to UB
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exactly....but dont listen to anyone telling you that everyone goes home on the weekends, like thats something that not a big deal. It doesnt matter that its fine during the week, the weekends are the most important part of college life, in terms of the social aspect, and you will basically get the same education in every SUNY, just some accel in certain programs more than others. Stony has a very good medicine program, as well as computer science. Buffalo is like 15th in the country in business administration, which is what Im doing, and they do a very good job setting you up with jobs back home etc. Ultimately, its up to you to decide, visit both schools, and see what grabs you. Almost as simple as shopping for a pair of kicks.... :rofl:
yeah i guess i dint think about that, stony is more of a commuter school and u don't want that esp if ur gonna be on campus... ub is cool, just be ready for the cold.. but is it really #15 in business? i dunno about that... i have the businessweek rankings in front of me and it's not on the top 50.. what rankings were u referring to? i only say that bc cornell is like 16th and i don't think UB is better no offense.
stony brook is officially the best suny school. and quite possibly one of the best premed undergrad programs in the entire country. and lol dude if your not going to college because you think the campus is gonna be dead on the should rethink your priorities


trust.. my priorities are straight. grades > partying BUT i don't wanna study my @#%$ off all week and then come friday,saturday, sunday, there's nothing to do.. i can't have that. i'm going to college for the college experience just as much the education.
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i thought that binghamton > stony... i dunno. i prob only think that bc i knew more people from bing.
yea, bing is definitely THE hardest suny to get into, its considered a public ivy league
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dont get me wrong, stony does have parties on thursday and friday nights, along wit Suite parties and all that good stuff. it even be poppin on saturdays. its just that before the parties on saturday night, Saturday and Sundays feels madd boring and the day feels like a drag.
Bing > Stony? No way my dude. Stony reigns supreme in the academic experience. Especially science, or math.

However. . .

You're gonna have to work much harder to have a successful social life out here than at other colleges. People say you've got your priorities wrong, but social life is very important. Like you said if you're stressing out all week, then have nothing to do on the weekends, you're gonna melt down and freak out.

Personally, I got into both Binghamton and Stony, but the weather is faaaar harsher at Bing, and I wasnt looking forward to a 6 hour drive to the city every time i wanted to go home
what does the weather matter anyways ? long island and upstate ny are both super cold in the winter time, the only difference is that upstate ny gets more snow and maybe like a 5 degree difference from LI, but its gonna be cold either way..
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UB being number 15 business school in the nation? Since when? And according to whom?

stony brook is officially the best suny school. and quite possibly one of the best premed undergrad programs in the entire country.

this too, since when?

Please don't take any offense to my questions, I'm curious.
You lose, I win.
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