Anyone Here Going to MAGIC???

Apr 14, 2006
Any people from the Southeast or GA in particular going to MAGIC next week? I'll be out there and figured I would meet some people face to face if possible. I don't spend much time at the casinos but I usually break bread up in Ceasars at the Forums.
Dang, nobody. I figured some of the aspiring sneaker/clothing store owners would be there. I know I saw Darius and Fruit from Sole Munki at the last one.
they will be there, i think... well i know darius will...
and i know the boys from laced up will be there... well last i had heard from them..
Which ones? I'll be there with SoJones Magazine doing some stuff and just basically hanging out and having a good time. Last two times I went it was all work. Going to chill this time and spend a little more time in the Campgrounds.
YO! So who can tell me more about it. I'm wanting to make it to one soon. Maybe February. Are there awards or recognition given out? DF!!!
i will be there mon- wed, maybe we might meet at one of the party's. AirAnt23 you should check it out, it is an experience, i have been 7 times
gawee77, I'm writer and chief editor for SoJones magazine formerly known as URB1 Magazine. AirAnt, the only way you can get in is if you have a business card or registration info from a company. It's not open to the public where you can just walk in and buy a ticket. I think passes are like 90 bucks or so.
Here you go man,, all the info you need. Depending on the type of clothing you are into you may also want to check out the POOL Trade Show at, it's always the same time as MAGIC. This year they will be having it at Mandalay Bay. I actually enjoy Pool more than MAGIC now.
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