Anyone hoop in the Soldier 3s?

Joined Oct 25, 2004
I have balled in my POP editions. They are comfy, but I still prefer my BB, XIX SE and 20.5.5 over these! The velcro keeps pulling out the strings in mylaces
. Also my heel has too much side to side movement in these. All theother kicks I mentioned gave me better lockdown. Just my 2 cents.
Joined Aug 31, 2008
^ i agree with them being comfy (they might be the comfiest cushioning wise ive ever worn) and the whole velcro + laces = angry face, but ive worn them forabout... 2 -3 weeks now, and i've never experienced lateral shifting in these, even though i have a size 8.5 which is a full size larger thatn my naturalfoot size. i experienced some heel slip though, when i didn't lace it tight enough, but ist REALLY supportive!!!
Joined Jun 11, 2007
i originally wanted to but they run small. i got my regular size and my toes are jamming against the top. now they are just casual shoes.

they are very very comfortable shoes, the lacing system provides ankle support but still allows alot of ankle flex (which is great). the velcro does chew upthe laces but if you are playing in them it shouldnt matter very much.

before buying them i would definitely try on your size and a half size bigger. also if you have wide feet you may have some trouble with these.
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