Anyone know if/where the black XX2's are on sale yet?

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Jan 5, 2007
Anyone know if the black and red XX2's are on sale as yet around your way or spot or anywhere in NY as yet.

I know it is a little early, but the basketball XX2's went on sale pretty quickly.

If anyone know's where can you share or inbox me.

Also can you put the price that they are on sale for I like these sneakers, but don't want to pay retail for them.

I'm hoping someone knows where they are for 100 - 125.
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Yeah, but I'm not an employee for nike or a sneaker chain. I don't know if you're referring to the F&F sale with 30% off with the extra 10% if the bill is still over $100 or the employee discount (in which case isn't offered to the public).

By the way when was this sale that you speak of that you got at that price if you don't mind me asking.
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Keep checking in on DR.JAYS and VIM. I know they're on sale but can't remember for how much. Maybe $140 or something like that. They also have them in macys on 34th. They're still retail but the let you use coupons if your a cardholder. If your in the BX check out the dozens of stores on Fordham RD. Your bound to find it for less than retail somewhere around. You can find DR.Jays and VIM locations at their websites. Good luck
i seen em for 150 at v.i.m.
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Good looking everyone, but I found a spot that had them for $105 straight. I asked the guy about the price and he said that they only had a couple of pairs left maybe 3-5 so they where trying to move them quick. I was happy as hell they didn't have that many sizes (I wear an 11.5-12 but can fit into an 11) and the biggest size they had was a size 11, but I tried them on and it fit me with a little room to spare so it was all good. I think maybe my feet might be shrinking lol.

Also, someone had mentioned to me before that the brand doesn't like there stuff (stuff meaning sig series) on the shelves for a long time or at discounted prices for a long time it hurts the brands image or something like that and I think one of the dudes there (there being the spot that I got the sneakers) was trying to tell me if a store doesn't move @#%$ quickly then they might not get the more exclusive stuff or might not even get anything at all. Kind of messed up but better for the consumers and myself. :D

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Athletes Foot in Roosevelt Field Mall (Garden City) has them for $124.99.
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