Anyone Know Where I can find a baseball shirt/raglan with a design on the sleeves? (Pics)

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I missed the boat on this piece by Play Cloths and now I'm bummed because I cant find it. Then I see Ross in a video with something similar (I'm thrilled he kept his shirt on) and I like the look especially for summer. Pics below and please save the fake google search links and criticism. Anyone that can point me in the right direction will be appreciated. peace!

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Ubiq has small and large.

in though, I wanted it too and I don't eem **** with PC like that.
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Ubiq has small and large.

in though, I wanted it too and I don't eem **** with PC like that.
they are sold out when you try to add them; I looked for OP

Ubiq is my hometown store; I would went a picked it up tomorrow for him
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Nitraid has one but it has an logo on the front that throws it off 
 (see tshirt thread)

they have another camo-ish one with a smaller logo 
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Bummed I need a sz. L in the islander. Would get the medium but I know damn well I'd be having a hard time raising my arms or bending em lol
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Awww man, here comes with wave. These are gonna be the new jean vests/jacket :smh:
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