Anyone on NT gotten their tonsils taken out??

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Plan on doing it within the next month or two. Usually you do it when they swell up a little, or usually when your getting bad sore throats a lot.
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I had mine taken out last year when I was 24, cause I was having the same problem. the doctor will refer you to a throat specialist and they decide if they aregonna be removed or not.
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When I was in fourth grade.

Be prepared to not talk for at least a week after you have the procedure; the pain is excruciating when you try to.

Do you understand how difficult it was to not talk for a week when you're nine years old?
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I have, it hurts like a motha @+%*%% right after you wake up and try to talk or open your mouth. No school for 2 weeks and ice cream all day every day
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i had mine taken out 2 years ago. one of my tonsils swelled up so they had to go. didnt hurt much, just cant eat for a few days (except for jello and stufflike that)

plus..... they laced me wit some syrup
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I got my taken out in 5th grade, you can't really eat much either. I tried eating ice cream and I cried its so called it burns.
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i have, you cant even eat anything cuz your throat hurts hella bad man, for like 2 weeks you will just be eatin ice cream and something with alot of salt on it
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He said it was one of the worst pains of his life
I've torn my meniscus and had surgery to remove the loose cartilage, broken my wrist and broken my ankle, and I would say getting my tonsilsremoved was the worst of all of them. Maybe it's because I was only nine, but I doubt it.
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it sucks.. did you see that episode of the fresh prince when will gets his tonsils taken out... it's like that... your throat will hurt for a week, youcan't talk and all you gotta do is drink a lot of fluids or eat popsickles
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I havn't taken mine out but I sure wouldn't mind, I hate sore throats. On a side note has anyone ever gotten these little white balls in their tonsils,they're called tonsilliliths or something and they smell horrible!
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All this is nonsense. I got mine taken out last summer, I was 21. My tonsils were literally touching in the back of my throat, and I had what is called a"peritonsilar abcess". Getting that drained twice with no anestheic was the worst pain I've experienced, they sliced open the top of my tonsil todrain whatever was in there and make the swelling to down, however, the actual tonsil removal surgery was cake compared to that. Sure it hurt for a coupleweeks, and for the first week/week and a half I sounded like a deaf person when I tried to talk.

The main issue is you have to stay hydrated. There is a vein that is pretty much directly behind your tonsils, and if you don't stay hydrated, it can startbleeding. Its not life threatening, but its a concern because you would have to immediately go to the emergency room to cauterize the vein and stop thebleeding, which includes going under with potentially a full stomach and choking on your own vomit (anesthesia makes some people throw up, which is why youaren't supposed to eat before surgery).

In order to even get the surgery though, you have to either have strep throat a certain number of times in a year, or have what I had, which was chronictonsilitis and a peritonsilar abcess, and believe me, you would know if you had the latter, because you straight up wouldn't be able to swallow anything.
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I had mine taken out November 2008. The pain depends on the person, and the way the procedure goes. depends on the person. Mine went okay lol. I didn'thesitate to get mine taken out becuz miiiine were huge! plus they kept coming back and they were big for 2 weeks. (My mom and grandpa had theres taken out too)

Sooo... after the procedure, I had complications waking up from the anesthetic, I was just chillin lol. But umm.. it feels like a really scratchy throat, butit's not THAT bad. My throat didn't bother me as much as my dizzines/headache. I saw the doctors face when walking over to my mom, it was as ifsomething was wrong. She said that he said, "They really had to dig deep, they were bigger then they though; and that this tonsillectomy was a good thinggto do, despite the complication we've had, he's going to be fine"

Soo I stayed at the hosp. for a bit longer to make sure most of the anestetic was out of me. I got released at 5pm, proceudre was at 7-8am.

That same night, I has jello, and popscicles, you might think you'll get tired of eating cold stuff, but you wont becuz it feels good.

Next thing I know, I was jammin out to benny & the jets on my laptop, and I tasted salt in my mouth. Looked in the mirror and I was bleeding like craaaazy.I have a pic, but will only show it upon request. I filled up pretty much a half gallon bucket.

They had my suck on ice chips and leave ice on the back of my throat for an hour until the bleeding pretty much stopped.

It did, and the docs wanted me the stay overnight just in case I bleed again. I've never stayed at a hosp. but it was pretty cool just watching CNN andObama on TV just chillin. well and 4am, I tasted salt again, and bled again,...and same thing... ice chips. The bleeding stopped, and the docs wanted me tostay some more, all the way to the next day, and possibly leave at 1pm, at the latest.

The next day, was the worst day. I started bleeding at around 11am. This time, the bleeding was similar to a water focet at times. (This is where I was %!@,and took a pic of itwith my phone when the doctors stepped out) lmao.

I couldn't swallow; it was scratchy, plus the blood was thick.

Soooo the dotors decided to do a live cauterization on me. They couldn't be put to sleep because of the blood, I could choke. So basically, they gave meneedle shots of some yellow stuff that tasted like a mix of lard & smoke, in my tonsils (for numbing?) Though it didn't; four times on eachside. My right side was okay so they said that they'll just cauterize the left side.

No matter how much you're okay with needles, you will cry. I had blood clots and they had to poke them and put medecine in them. Then they did the actualcauterization, they like burned the tonsils til they got all the "flesh" I guess, you know the "tonsils".

Finally, they finished. They kept an upbeat kind of comic attitude through the whole thing, which made me wanna say, "yooo %!@!", but I understandthat's what they have to do to keep their hard-working selves sane.
Well I stayed at the hosp. for 4 or 5 more days, so I was gone a week. I was ready to get outta there like crazy on the 3rd day.

I left out of there, around 7 days before Thanksgiving; and read that my diet should gradually switch over to normal food. I ate yams, stuffing, and potatoesalad. Just chewing everything all the way is the way to go.

I'm just explaining my experience. Just in case, yo have complications; but you should be okay. Overall, tonsillectomies are simple procedures.
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ohhh and to add... If your tonsils aren't big... you pretty much cant get a tonsillectomy. If you're just sick... the yes..

maybe pigs are flying around you
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Originally Posted by Kiddin Like Jason

When I was in fourth grade.

Be prepared to not talk for at least a week after you have the procedure; the pain is excruciating when you try to.

Do you understand how difficult it was to not talk for a week when you're nine years old?


Nothing but poached eggs and sorbet for like 2 weeks

Don't watch Step By Step. I remember trying to watch it the day after my surgery, Cody was hilarious, when i'd try to laugh it was a hybrid laugh/cry
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