Anyone Read GRANTLAND?

Joined Aug 1, 2013
I've been looking at Grantland lately, and I'm wondering if they have any fans on NT. I like how they're able to meld humor and good expository writing with thoughtful sports analysis.

I'm also thinking of submitting some writing to them so if anyone is willing to look at it and tell me what you think that's fine too.
Joined Jan 14, 2007
Is this a serious question?

Grantland is one of the biggest sites in sports media since ESPN/Bill Simmons started it a few years back, and is still highly promoted on the main pages of ESPN often.

I'd be shocked if there were a good amount of NTers who DONT check Grantland. Great site, great writers. :pimp:
Joined Nov 12, 2002
Thread backfire.... :lol:

But I check grantland daily... Klosterman articles and jalen rose podcast are my personal faves
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