Anyone remember STEAK & ALE ?

Apr 27, 2006
I went to Bug-A-Boo steakhouse @ the boulevard and i realized how good Steak & Ale was back in the day...

idk why they closed that joint down though...

( ( finishline... ) )​

I like watching the talking animals freak people out at Bug A Boo.
At night at dream that when I wake up, the males in the area will no longer be dressed like deflated packs of Skittles.
there was one that was close by for a longg time i think it finally folded last year.

Team DC/MD/VA​

Yall was takin too long, so we had to do it...
young black and dashing like Sydney in his prime in a black film classic

you got ds size 13 foot patrol air stabs? get at me​
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