Anyone use a Neti Pot?


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Oh yeah and take lots of Emergen-C when you start getting that stuffy feeling you should be straight.
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i hate the feeling of getting water up my nose when i i just dont see how this works.
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Funny you mention it... Just started using one a couple days ago. Really amazing. Clear difference right away, my nose feels completely fine when I breathe. I used it and walked to the kitchen and smelled things I didn't notice 10 minutes before. Lukewarm water is what they recommend. I have chronic sinusitis as well.
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Originally Posted by latinplatinum69

I suffered from sinus problems for years until I started using a neti pot a 2-3 years ago. I use Dr. Neil brand just make sure to boil the water and let it cool b4 use.
You should return the Neti Pot and get this system^^. It uses a valve that applies more pressure so it gets into your sinus cavities below your eyes and not just your nasal sinuses, but the pressure is steady. It comes with about 120 of their pH neutralizer (salt). I love mine. 2 week sinus infections turn into 2 days of green loogies and that's it.
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Oil swish + warm water mixed with baking soda+salt to get in your nose is the BEST CURE of all.... cures almost any sort of sickness. no joke
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I was very sick a few weeks ago and thought about trying it. Passed on it but I did see a lot of YouTube videos on it and no one seemed like it did a lot for them. There's this one video of a guy who says he feels like his nose is constantly stuffed (which is sometimes how I feel) and he said it didn't do much for him besides get rid of some mucus.
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I do. I've always had severe sinus problems due to allergies. I bought one like 2-3 months ago and I havent had any sinus problems since. It takes a little getting used to cause of the whole water up the nose thing but after that its God's gift to those with sinus problems. I was hesitant at first cause i dont like putting stuff up my nose, especially those sprays those are the worst. Its nothing like getting water up your nose from swimming cause it doesnt actually go up your nose. it kinda just flows in n out.
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I don't think my headaches/sinuses are serious enough to use this

Some hot coffee + a nap does the trick for me.
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nwvwe used the pot, but I did use these for years

I stopped though cause water would stay in there for hours unbeknownst to me..  I'd use it 1st thing inthe morning, then 3 hours later at work, a stream of water would come pouring out of my nose when I thought I'd already drained all the water in my sinuses.  So yes, it was effective, but I hated the leakage
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