Anyone Watch This Tia and Tamera Jawn?

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Tia is pregnant, and Tamera is looking bad...  Too bad she's getting married to some white dude.  Oh well.  Show isn't half bad. 
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why cant she be getting married to 'some guy' ? SMH god bless you. My mom watches that show,tho
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SMH... This thread went in a totally different direction.  I couldn't care less if she married a guy from Mars; it's just weird seeing one of my childhood crushes get married, that's all.  As the product of a bi-racial marriage the last thing y'all will ever hear me groan about is race.

And to home boy that said a grown man made a post about this, yeah, I'm guilty.  It's a Saturday and I'm not going anywhere.  There is nothing but reality TV on.  Sue me.
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i watch...

as corny as it sounds they've grown up into lovely women

i'll support cuz its much better than the other reality nonsense out there that i watch
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