AP Exams Coming to an End... How'd You Do?

Sep 28, 2006
The two weeks of AP exams are almost over. I know I'm not the only one who is relieved. I still have the Human Geography exam tomorrow, hopefully I do well.
AP US (last friday) - my teacher definitely prepared us for it. He gave us 150 pages of PEPS (people, events, places) and I basically just studied those.
AP Bio (Monday) - hardest one by far. it was a joke for me. I wrote a rap on one of my FRQs and on another one I traced my hand on three of the pages.
the grader should have fun reading my rap.
AP English Language - I thought this was the easiest one. The three essays were relatively easy and the multiple choice section was ok. I'm hoping you don't get marked too low on the essays for using simple diction.
AP Human Geo - anyone taken this exam in the past? I have it tomorrow and don't know what to expect.

How did you do NT?
i hope i passed my APus history test
and i hope i passed my AP english language test..
i took AP bio last year def a good class.
Took the Calculus AB, U.S. History, and Physics exam.

- Easiest by far. Only skipped one question on all of the multiple choice and still very confident about it. One or two questions on the free response had mepuzzled but probably got a 4 or 5 on it.

-My teacher didn't prepare us at all, so it was pretty much all independent study for me
. Took it and didn't completely blow, but not reallyconfident. Hopefully I can pull off a 3 or 4.

-Physics is a wildcard, felt alright on it but anything can happen on that one

Anyone take the BC Calc exam? Have to take it next year and just wondering how bad it is.
in order:

ap chem: 5
ap calc: 4
ap us hist(i thought i passed, only to find out i wrote a whole essay on Franklin Roosevelt when the topic was TDR): 2
ap world his: 2
ap english lit - 5 (def.. i do well on english exams)
ap spanish lang - 5 (this was my first language anyway... im expected to do well)
ap spanish lit - 4/5 (i know i messed up a bit with the tildes, everything else was perfect... dunno how much ill get counted off for grammatical errors likethat)
ap env science - 4/5 (easy test this year... i did well on the MC... ok on the essays, i did 3 complete ones, left one semi-blank, but still wrote some crapthat made sense)

AP PHYSICS C - 1/2/3 omg... idk.. i honestly DO NOT know about this one.. i only took the mechanics.. and the FRQ tore me a new one.. %++..
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